The task ‘in hand’

Yesterday I bid farewell to my Hurg lodging and spent one night in a hotel before heading back to SA. After packing up our belongings, our hosts loaded my friend Brigitte and I into a taxi, discussed the terms and conditions with the taxi driver on our behalf and waved us off with a sad […]

Swimming with the dolphins

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go snorkelling in the Red Sea. Not only did our outing promise cool turquoise waters, bright coral and colourful fish, but an added treat was also thrown into the mix… the possibility of swimming with dolphins.   Now swimming with dolphins is a pretty romantic notion donned with images […]

From Senegal, with love

Today my agenda included a visit to the local post office. I effortlessly made my way downtown and entered what I thought was the post office, and sat on a chair. I looked around and found myself asking questions like, “What is it that makes a post office a post office?” “How do you know […]

For safekeeping

Last week while helping out at the afternoon kids’ club, I sat next to a young girl, Fari, and helped her sew a simple wrap around skirt for one of club’s play dolls. With her hands being occupied, Fari needed to find a safe place to store her single-coin-allowance which she had for some reason […]

In the belly of a lion

The lion is the national animal of Senegal. The lion symbolises strength and is featured, together with the baobab tree, on the Senegalese coat of arms. Senegal has two distinct seals – one, featuring the baobab is used to seal acts relating to public administration, while the other, featuring a lion is used exclusively by […]

On straight lines and zigzags

One afternoon a week I have been helping out at a “kids club”, which is basically a safe space where kids from the community can come and play, engage in some stimulating activity (some of the boys LOVE to crochet) and enjoy positive adult attention. Well to say that I am helping might be a bit […]